An inaccurate preview from the v1.6 CB

Wedding Crasher is a small bonus mission added in the Open Beta of v1.6.


A man requests that someone from the guild helps him get hold of a bride's wedding ring.

Suki takes on the mission alone, talking the bride into following her to a closed off area. Here Suki fights the bride in order to steal the wedding dress and take the bride's place in the church. Suki then attends the wedding ceremony, waiting for the rings to get exchanged. Suki then steals the ring, and escapes the church in the veil of a smokebomb. 

Suki delivers the ring to the client, and gets her reward, including the wedding dress.




  • This is the first mission not to be tested in a Closed Beta version before appearing in an Open Beta version of the game.
  • This is a Bonus Mission, making this mission non-important to the Story.
  • The mission is rather short.
  • Suki may accept this mission from the bulletin board in the Lair's Living Quarters.