Underground maze

Suki exploring the maze.

When John, the man in the hat, passes by the entrance to the Underground Maze, he describes it as a mysterious hole that, like the well in Madinah Town, cannot be climbed back out of. He also mentions how he believes he has heard noises of what could possibly be something living down there. Thus most are afraid of what could possibly lurk down there. Carol and Athena will go as far as to deny Suki access to the hole, if she attempts to enter it while they are present. The hole itself can be accessed upon completion of the escort task for John. Of course, this can only be done if Suki is alone and without companions.

Inside she will find that the hole leads to a very dark maze. Suki will then pull out a torch allowing for minimal light as she explores the mysterious underground labyrinth. After reaching a certain point the Suki will hear the pleas of someone before they are silenced by the Green Devils that occupy this area. A battle will commence, facing off against 2 Green Devils. Upon the defeat of these enemies Suki frees the captured archaeologist. The archaeologist than leads Suki to the exit and rewards her with a ruby.

The player is free to visit the area again and the events will repeat as if the player visited the location for the first time.

Game Over sceneEdit

If Suki is defeated by the Green Devils, she is bound and gagged alongside the lost archeologist as the Devil taunts her.


  • This is the first time the lantern is introduced to the player, but it is only used in this location.
  • If the player were to attempt to enter the location with either Athena or Carol, their party members will stop the player from entering, concerned about the risk to Suki.
  • Despite the Green Devil's relatively low health they are a fearsome opponent because of their ability to deal a lot of damage.
  • It is unknown if the Green Devil's presence in these caves are natural for the region.
  • It appears the Green Devil's hostility to others is a result of their protectiveness of treasure.
  • This is the first area to feature camouflaged enemies as the player can be ambushed by nearly invisible Green Devils.