Taunt is a tactical battle skill, where the user goads an opponent into predetermined action. 

Availability Edit

It can be purchased for Athena in a skill shop outside of the Lair. To date it is only usable by Athena.

Effect Edit

In battle, it consumes 0 SP and Athena taunts the enemy group. As a result, all of the opponents will target Athena in their next turn of action. It is useful as a defensive move to protect Suki and/or Carol from attack or damaging skills/magic, or also to prevent enemies from taking other actions, such as subduing party members or freeing/healing their own.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
Taunticon Causes all enemies to attack user for one turn. "Makes the enemies attack the user only during the next turn." Battle Enemy N/A N/A Enemy Group Athena 0