Secure Ropes is a skill that was added in CB4. It tightens the ropes used on a subdued female enemy, making it harder for her to get loose. The skill is most useful on larger mobs, since they tend to untie each other.


In CB4 the skill can be obtained in the form of a Teaching scroll in the bonus area of the Pirate Bay mission or you can buy it from the merchant in the bonus area of Huston Village.


When the skill is used on a tied up enemy, it gives her the Secured state and adds 2 "secure points" to her, giving her a sort of "untie protection". As long as she has the Secured state, she cannot get loose, either from using Struggle or from another enemy using Rescue on her. However the durability of this state decreases by 1 from all "successful" escape attempts, meaning if the Struggle would normally have released her, the durability of the Secured status decreases by 1. The same goes for if another enemy uses Rescue on her.

You can use Secure Ropes on an enemy that already has the Secured state. This adds 2 more "secure points" to that enemy, making it so that she'll need more attempts to get free. When the "secure points" reach 0, the Secured state disappears, making her a normal tied up enemy.

Changes in v1.7/v1.8 Edit

This skill got renamed to "Secure Bindings" and made available in the Lair skill shop in v1.7/v1.8 and later.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
Rope Makes it harder for a tied up enemy to get loose. "Makes sure an already tied up enemy can't get loose." Battle Tied up female enemy. Secured N/A One enemy Any ally except Genie 50