Rope Collector is a passively affecting skill, that rewards you with a spare piece of rope for all your kidnapping hobbies whenever the user is untied during a battle.

Availability Edit

This skill can be taught by the skill tutor in the Lair (to the right of the entrance staircase, on the far right).

Effect Edit

In battle, if the user is Captured, and then either frees herself or is Rescued, she will gain in her inventory a single unit of Spare Rope. This can aid in Capturing female enemies, as the Spare Rope adds +1 Secure Points, which causes the tied-up enemy to take more turns to free herself.

Icon Function DescrIption Occasion Requirement Adds




Target User(s) SP
Rope Adds +1 Spare Rope to your inventory when untied Gives you an extra Spare Rope whenever this character is untied during battle. Battle Captured N/A N/A User Suki 0