Didnapper v1.0Edit

Didnapper started out as a small and simple game, programmed by Wychkith, where the player started in a small cave where he was instructed kidnap some girls from a village. To kidnap a girl you just had to walk up to her and click her. You were then teleported back to the cave. If you touched the guards, you were pretty much screwed. The game had no story, and it ended after you had kidnapped all the girls.

Didnapper v1.1Edit

At this point, Kendrian (then known as Ollimamma0) joined in the programming process and edited the game slightly, improving the kidnapping process by adding features such as facing directions and sound effects.

Didnapper v1.2Edit

Wychkith now made a new stage for the game, now known as Castle Velis. New sprites were added for the castle maids. The game still didn't have much of a story, other than that you had to "Catch 'em all". The player character was still a male, and Carol was not even thought of.

DIdnapper v1.5Edit

Released in 2012, this is arguably the version that formed into the basis for the rest of development and increased the game's popularity. It featured four missions, included Carol as an optional character and provided an actual plot for the missions.

Didnapper v1.6Edit

Released on April 22, 2013, this version contained a large number of alterations and refinements to the system in terms of abduction, such as an alert system, hiding captives and stealth items. It also included a trio of new missions and the addition of a new playable character, Athena. Other touches include bonus areas, private cells for playing with captives, reworked earlier locations and several other features.

A newer version, v1.6.1, followed up on May 3, 2013, providing a number of bug fixes and some additional graphics. A second follow-up, v.1.6.2, followed shortly with more bug fixes and tweaks.

v.1.6.3, which only saw release as a closed beta in October 2013, introduced a new bonus mission, Vampire Castle, and the use of Suki in the private cell, as well as a significant overhaul to the lair design. The next public release, v.1.6.4, debuted on March 21, 2014. It added another new bonus mission, the Jungles of Jyonga and a pair of new capturing zones to explore.

Didnapper v1.7 Edit

Currently in development