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Private Esther is a member of the townguard of Huston Village and the boss of Mission 1.

Story Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

In this version Esther appears after you have kidnapped eight village girls, having somehow discovered the entrance to the hideout. She must be defeated by Suki and Leroy to complete the mission, and later becomes a Private Cell captive.

Version 1.7 Edit

In this version Esther is first seen after Suki leaves the hideout talking to Risette as she leaves to visit a nearby town expressing concern and getting flustered by her teasing. She is later seen after Suki has filled the quota of girls to kidnap and is delivering the ransom letter, bumping into her outside the guardhouse Esther notices the letter and attempts to arrest Suki, during the fight, two other guards come outside and Suki flees. While the townspeople prepare the ransom, Esther waits for Suki to reveal herself, taking her and Leroy by surprise and angrily refusing Leroy's attempt to bribe her before attacking. After being defeated she is taken to the guild and becomes a Private Cell captive.

In the epilogue, she is freed alongside Risette and both return to Huston Town, vowing to never letting their captivity affect their present.

Personality Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

She is given little characterization short of utter contempt for criminals calling Suki and Leroy "scum" and "filthy mongrels". She also appears confident in her skill saying she would not let either of them leave the cave alive.

Version 1.7 Edit

She is given much more depth, showing concern for Risette's safety due to her tendency to travel alone and getting embarrassed when the Shopkeeper teases her over calling her "attractive". After bumping into Suki outside the guardhouse she is quick to show concern and retrieves the item she dropped. Upon realizing what it is, she moves to arrest her with no hesitation and has no issue admitting she needs help when Suki proves difficult to subdue. She is also clever deducing the kidnapper's are likely hiding nearby and preparing an ambush. Despite being nervous over having to face the two by herself she angrily refuses Leroy's attempt to bribe her. However it is noted by both criminals that her attempt to take them on alone was not very smart.

Strategy Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

An overall easy fight due to being the first boss fight of version 1.6 as Suki is accompanied by Leroy who can dealt a lot of damage to her. The player should keep attacking until Leroy orders Suki to Subdue her and finish the fight.

Version 1.7 Edit

Suki's first enconter with Esther cannot be won due to Esther calling reinforcement when half of her HP is taken, forcing Suki to either retreat or be captured, only to be rescued by Leroy later.

The second enconter with her is the boss fight of mission 1 and, similar to v1.6, is relatively easy as Leroy is in the party. But unlike v1.6, both Leroy and Suki dealt less damage, making the fight last longer but the same tactics apply.

Trivia Edit

  • Esther has not been ticklish across all released versions thus far.
  • In v1.6, she was only known as the Female Guard or the Guard Captain.
  • While in v1.6 she was a captain of the Huston Guard. In v1.7, she's a private who joined due to the frequent kidnappings in the town.

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