The Private Cell is a feature first introduced on v1.6 as part of the Trophy Hall where the player can interact with one of a specific group of captives when taken to the cell.

The cell is located in the Lair just north of the Trophy Hall.


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The cell currently supports the 12 different captives listed below. When a captive is put into the cell, the player can interact with her. Suki (or, in a specific case, Carol) can change her captive's bindings, gag and clothes. She can put a blindfold on her captive and talk to her. The captive's mood changes depending on the player's actions and the captive's personality. The player can also perform the actions kiss, hit and tickle.

To put a captive in the cell, the player must talk to the door of her normal cell in the Trophy Hall. Only one captive can be in the Private Cell at a time. Only dangerous captives that cannot be sold are to be kept in the Trophy Hall.

Party members like Carol and Athena can be taken to the Trophy Hall after they have been defeated in a practice battle in the Living Quarters. They can be released from there at any time. Suki herself can be made a captive if she loses a battle with Carol.

As of v1.7, Suki can be made a captive herself if she goes to the Private Cell and performs self-bondage from a chest, which will trigger Carol coming to check on Suki and spend some time with her. Suki's self-bondage is only available after Mission 2.



  • Speak (starts a series of dialogues)
  • Charm
  • Compliment
  • Insult
  • Threaten

Action Edit

  • Slap
  • Tickle
  • Kiss

Outfit Edit

Gag Edit

  • Cloth
  • OTN
  • Cleave
  • Knotted cleave
  • Ball
  • Bit
  • Special (one or two character exclusive gag)
  • Ungag

Blindfold On/Off Edit

Supported DamselsEdit

Version 1.6 Edit

Version 1.8 Edit

Trophy hall prisoners, in counter-clockwise order:

Special cases:

  • Suki: Can apply self-bondage when Carol is present in the living quarters, thus becoming a Private Cell captive.
  • Lamia, the Succubus: Attacks Suki in her dream, when she is asleep in the Ghiacco Village inn or the Belbasa Harbor inn. After being defeated, the same interactions as those of the Private Cell become available.


Version 1.6Edit

Version 1.8Edit


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