This article references an older version of the game. For the most recent version, see Princess Suki (1.8).

Princess Suki is the main character of Didnapper.

Player for the game 240h

Princess Suki

She can become a Private Cell damsel from v1.6.3 onwards.

Class Kidnapper Sukiguild Lv 1 (Start)
Skills Feint Attack
Poison Edge
Knock Out
Low Blow
Greater Water
Mass Water
Magic Ball
Secure Ropes
Self Bondage
Chest Punch
"I will restore my country's former glory and improve the friendship between our countries!"
―Suki - Prologue


Not much is known about Suki's past except that she became an orphan at a young age and lived in the neighboring Country of Tengu that was going through Civil War at the time. One day Suki was adopted by the Royal Family of the neighboring (still unnamed) Kingdom, since the King and Queen had no children themselves. Due to this, Suki inherited the right to become the heir of the throne.


On the fateful day where Suki is to return to her home country, her carriage is attacked by a group of kidnappers. This group is hired by Suki's best friend and step-cousin Cherisa, who has grown jealous towards Suki over the years for being the heir to the throne. With Suki's disappearance, Cherisa is to be next in line to claim the throne.

In the middle of the ambush, Cherisa reveals herself to Suki, saying that she's sorry before knocking Suki unconscious. Later, Suki wakes up she finds herself sold to an infamous kidnapping guild that sells young girls as slaves. She is kept for several months in their lair instead of being sold almost immediately, because the leader of the guild - known as the Guildmaster - has taken an interest in Suki. Now that Suki has currently lost her royal status, she struggles to get free with the intent on getting her revenge on Cherisa.

Suki manages to break free of her restraints and knocks out a guard, stealing his weapon, and then attempts to make a bold escape from the lair. Unfortunately, when Suki manages to escape all the way to the surface, she is met by the rest of the guild, accompanied by the Guildmaster. The Guildmaster, intrigued by Suki's escape attempt, offers her a place in the guild as one of the kidnappers, and in return he will help her extract her revenge. Seeing she's outnumbered and left without any other choices, Suki agrees.

Now as part of the guild, Suki takes on various missions in her search for Cherisa while uncovering a mysterious ploy by her step-cousin.


As the leader of the party, Suki is something of a jack-of-all trades, being a very capable striker, defender, caster or healer as needed. Later in the game, she'll have an abundance of stunning/sleeping abilities which can quickly take out most female enemies, and with the Staff of Mikveh, can absolutely devastate even large enemy groups using the Mass Water skill.

She is the only character in the game who is able to use every obtainable ability, and at the current development stage, the only character who can change their weapon, clothing (meaning equipped clothing, not those displayed in private cells) or accessories.

Her guild outfit offers by far the best defense, however, with the other outfits existing largely as novelties.


Outfits Sprite Stats
Princess Outfit
  • Phys Def: 18
  • Mag Def: 25
  • Evade: -2
  • Dex: -1
  • Agi: -5
  • Int: 5
Green cloak
Guild Outfit
  • Phys Def: 20
  • Mag Def: 15
  • Dex: 4
  • Agi: 4
Maid Outfit
  • Phys Def: 20
  • Mag Def: 20
  • Guards against Males.
Red cloak
Christmas Outfit
  • Phys Def: 10
  • Mag Def: 20
  • Dex: 10
  • Agi: 30
  • Int -5
  • Guards against Water and Males
Wedding Dress
  • Phys Def: 18
  • Mag Def: 27
  • Evade: -4
  • Str: -2
  • Dex: -7
  • Agi: -9
  • Int: 8
  • Guards against Light and Dark
Bunnygirl Suit
  • Phys Def: 10
  • Mag Def: 10
  • Evade: 10
  • Agi: 5
  • Guard against Males


Suki is a somewhat sarcastic and bitter person, having been kept as a prisoner for months, she developed an aggressive behavior towards people. However, since the player is able to choose how Suki will behave based on questions asked at the beginning of the game, her personality can range from sarcastic to cruel in certain situations.

Depending on what the player decided to do with Carol in Mission 2 determines how Suki behaves with her at Mission 3. If Suki decided to take Carol as a prisoner, she will treat Carol as a burden. However, if Suki recruited Carol, she will only underestimate Carol's fighting skills.

In Mission 4, Suki will behave differently with the Archaeologists depending on the answers the players choose during the beginning of the game, ranging from being cruel and mean with the archaeologists to just being sarcastic and mean.


Defeated suki by kendrian-d3nvph9

Suki's Graphics (v.1.6.1 - v.1.6.4)

  • Screenshot 2014 11 01 19 07 01 by kendrian-d84x8pg

    Potrait from Animluster (pre-v.1.7)

    The first skill she learns, Low Blow, was originally called Nut Cracker.
  • She is seen to have a tough personality through various dialogues in the game, though depending on the answers given at the opening of the game, she may or may not have some nasty retorts. It's possible and likely that this personality was forged by the months she spent as a captive.
  • As of the current beta, Suki is the most unique Private Cell captive available. She begins blushing and crying when being tickled too much, her clothing selection has far more variety, consisting of her costumes, and can be pleased by every positive interaction.
  • Prior to v1.6.4 OB, she acknowledged the Wedding Dress she wears as "her old clothes". However, this was a mistake and was subsequently fixed.
  • At the beginning of the game, the guild master forces her to change out of her princess gown, due to the fact that it's too conspicuous, but apparently has no problem with her wearing an identical gown found in the bonus area of the Castle Velis mission.
  • She was possibly adopted before she turned ten by the Royal Family, as it is claimed that she was very little when she was adopted.
  • This version of Suki, alongside Carol's, appears in the massive crossover RPG Rakenzarn Tales (for the RPG Maker XP) in one of the game's guild quests but in the older version. Depending on the player's decision, Suki and Carol can be allies or adversaries.