For the current version of the game, go to Private Cell Costumes or Armor (1.8).
Player xmas

Suki wearing her Santa Costume

Outfits (or Costumes) can be obtained by finding them in secret places or by following or completing certain quests or subquests. Only Suki can change her outfit. Her outfit can be changed by using a Menu Chest. Costume changes also affect Suki's overworld and battle sprite.


  • Princess Outfit
  • Guild Outfit
  • Santa Costume
  • Bikini
  • Maid Outfit
  • Wedding Dress


The Princess Outfit is the outfit that Suki wears during the prologue of the game before she joins the Guild. The Guildmaster gives her the Guild Outfit after joining and confiscates her dress, telling her it's too risky to wear it since someone could recognize her. The Princess Outfit can then later be obtained in a bonus area, which is also how you can obtain some other outfits. The Bikini is a gift given to Suki by the beach girls in the Pirate Bay mission after they have released her (if Suki lost the battle against the pirate captain. The Maid Outfit can be obtained by taking the job as a maid at the manor in the Ghiaccio Village mission. The wedding dress is obtained during the Wedding Crasher bonus mission.

Attributes and PowersEdit

See Armor for more specifics.

  • Guild Outfit:
    • Highest defensive stats
  • Santa Costume:
    • Makes it snow in most exterior areas
  • Bikini:
    • Very low defensive stats
    • Good resistance to water magic

Future PlansEdit

Outfits were originally to be planned to allow better blending skills depending on color of the outfit and the landscape. These ideas have yet to be implemented.