Mob Rush is a skill introduced in v1.6 CB4 that makes the party work together to bring down as many weakened enemies as possible.


The skill is unlocked in the bonus area of Haab Desert and then can be used automatically whenever there are two or more party members who are not tied up or knocked out (excluding Genie). The skill also has a cooldown, meaning that it disappears for a while after being used. The duration of the cooldown depends on the game difficulty.


The skill may tie up weakened, sleeping or stunned female enemies and knock out weakened male opponents. The chance of an enemy being subdued or KO'd is calculated individually. The success rate of each enemy being defeated depends on how many non-defeated party members and non-defeated enemies there are in the field. If the number of fit party members is equal to or greater than the number of fit enemies, the chance of all of them being defeated is 100%. However, if the number of fit enemies is higher than that of fit party members, the success rate per enemy is either 75% or 50%, depending on how much the party members are outnumbered.

Mob Rush can only be used once per turn. If the player tries to have more party members use it, the quickest one will be the one who executes it, and the rest will be cancelled. Party members can, however, use other skills during the same turn, making a Hypnosis/IKO Bomb-Mob Rush combo a rather effective one on large enemy groups.

Icon Function Description Occation Requirements Consumes item Target Users SP
Rope Chance of finishing off all weakened enemies in one turn. Has cooldown. "The party join forces attempts to tie up and KO all weak enemies." Battle Appears when there are 2 or more undefeated party members. None All enemies Any Party Member except for Genie. 100