Elfnapping Mission Edit

An cruel slaver has grown bored with his current slaves and offers a mission to kidnap elven maidens for him. After grabbing enough for him, he'll send his old slaves to the guild as well as the usual gold payment as rewards.

Rewards: Elven Captives, Elven Trophy Damsels, Gold.

Recruiting MissionEdit

Here's an idea for a mission that can be done in 2 ways. Short way or longer way. You've probably heard this type before.

The guild has taken an interest in a devious man who makes a small fortune traveling from village to village, kidnapping their girls, ransoming of to the villages or to slavers, etc. All the while avoiding the iron hand of the law.

The guild considers recruiting him but this guy is cunning and trusts few, and as such, the guild is unsure how to approach him. The village where he would strike next has been located and Suki is assigned to recruit him there. Leroy(or another who offers this mission) thinks of 2 ways to meet with him.

Short Version (NOTE)Companions chosen to come must be female.

Suki and her companions can pose as traveling noblewomen taking a stop at the local inn. They're assigned to basically stay in the village until they get kidnapped by the rookie napper. Once Suki and company are brought to his lair, they immediately free themselves(Or Suki frees herself and sets out to find her companions and gear before the napper come back[extra idea]) and catch the napper by surprise.

Long Version

Simply put, Suki and crew enter the village and kidnap the girls themselves. Most are inside the buildings and the guards are tough. Eventually, the napper will realize he has competition. After kidnapping enough girls(Number Unknown) he somehow find Suki and demands to bring the captives to him. Suki responds with battle.

Either way, you end up fighting the rookie napper. In short version you'd have to fight him without your items, since he has taken him. (Or you could find them first.[extra idea]) In long version the guards are tougher as stated above, and it takes awhile. After he's beaten Suki explains her guild interest in him and offers to recruit him. Though he is humiliated at being beaten by girls, he agrees.


New male companion - an expert kidnapper. Gold, Damsels, etc. Comment to give ideas of other rewards.

Assassin / Ninja revenge MissionEdit

Suki gets a mission by a former Assassin / Ninja who wants revenge on his old guild / clan, which is completely female, for betraying her.Ninja must have mask.


Maybe a new team Member, Ninja / Assassin girls, 1500 gold and a new armor which increases your Speed and evasion.

Angel Hunter MissionEdit

Suki get's a mission by a demon prince who give her the mission to capture angels from a bastion in Celestia, who wants to kill your Client


Angels, 2000 gold, a new capture area where you can catch succubi or other female demons who aren't belonging to your client, access to his castle in nibelheim.

Interdimensional Battleground MissionEdit

Suki gets an Invitation for an Interdimensional Tournament, where she battles young woman from games/manga/anime

Rewards: Many Girls from games/manga/anime, random money / item Prizes, maybe unique Skills, A grand Trophy for winning all of the battles.

Desert Harem Mission A desert noble hires Suki to kidnap his son's harem as punishment for neglecting his duties in running the family business.

Or maybe Suki (as well as Carol) could be sent to a Desert Palace's Harem by a mysterious man. (Perhaps a Wizard) He hires you to collect a hidden Lamp, that turns out to have a female Genie inside. You could perhaps disguise yourself as a belly dancer to sneak in and then sneak up or fight the women in the harem to interrogate them to where the lamp might be hidden.

Reward: The Genie could serve as a new magical ally. Damsels you capture in the Harem like maybe Belly Dancers, Noble women, or a maybe a Princess. New items, weapons or spells. Perhaps an alternate outfit for Suki.

Colosseum/Arena MissionEdit

A criminal organization has hired Suki in dealing with the competition of an all-female fighting tournament.

Story Option: Win or Lose the Tournament.

Since Suki is taking part of the tournament, you get to decide to take the gold or take the fall. Prizes would vary on your choice.

Punishment of heretics MissionEdit

Suki gets the task from the Inquisition. Residents of one village gather in the woods and spend the pagan rites. It must be stopped! Suki must kidnap the girls, without being expected, and bring them to the holy fathers. They will return them to the True Church.

Stalking MissionEdit

There's a city that has a curfew imposed at night and rebels (mostly female) are secretly congregating in a building unknown to the government. The guild won't cooperate with the government because that would mean turning the women in to them so you must covertly stalk the night without being noticed by guards or your target.

Capture the Heroine MissionEdit

How about a Mission where Suki is hired to capture a superheroine/Vigilante that is causing troubles to a crimelord, you can choose between capture her or help her after you find her.

To Find her you must stop some criminals who are trying to harm a girl, after you beat the criminals, she will appear thinking that you want to become a heroine like her, you can choose between Try to Capture her or help her stopping the crimelord, if the player chooses to capture her, the mission will End and the player will receive a lot of money.

Kidnappers City MissionEdit

In this Mission, Carol goes to a Slave Market Full of Kidnappers Guilds, and never returned to the guild Base, The Guild Leader send Suki to Rescue her,

In the Kidnappers City,There no Girls for one Reason, Kidnappers, Suki Needs to infiltrate the City by the Underground and Find Carol by Herself.

If Suki gets Defeated in a Fight,She will be Taken Prisoner Alongside Carol but there no gonna a be GAMEOVER,Suki will find a way to free Herself and continue the Mission.

Bonus Mission:Rescue the SlaveEdit

I thought of a mission where Carol and Suki are hired to rescue a girl about to be sold at a slave auction. The problem is women are only allowed at this auction if they are either a slave, or bringing someone to be sold, so Carol and Suki have to dress up as a Mistress and Slave, but you could choose who dresses up as a slave.

If Suki is chosen to be a slave, she ends up in a communal slave pen with lots of other slaves that she has to get information out of to find out where the target to be rescued is being kept, then she has to get out of her shackles and find a weapons possibly by trading favours for other slaves (eg, pickpocket one item to trade for a second to someone who can remove the shackles, then find another item to trade for a weapon).  Then Suki fights the guards and meets Carol and they go to rescue the target.  If Suki doesn't free herself quickly enough, she is sold at the auction and Carol has to infiltrate a rich manor to rescue her and try again at the auction.  Being captured at the manor would be a game over.

If Carol is chosen as a slave then Suki has to question slave buyers and sellers to find out where the target is, then save Carol from the slave pens and rescue the target.  If she doesn't manage it quickly enough, Carol is sold at the auction and Suki has to infiltrate the manor to save her.

Rewards: Slave/Mistress outfits, 1500 Gold

The Doppleganger MissionEdit

In this mission, the Guild Leader will informs Suki that a Doppelganger claims to be the Princess Suki is in a Town of the Nation of Tengu, Suki needs to prove that she is a Fake and Kidnap her without revealing her Identity.

Rewards:Suki Doppelganger, 3000 Gold

The Secret Market MissionEdit

Suki decides to go to the Dark Hill in order to find Information about Cherisa's whereabouts,when she is Kidnapped by some bandits in the way, She is sent as a Captive to the Secret market, where politicians buys Female Slaves,

In her cell, she finds Kurui as a captive and both agree to cooperate in order to find the one behind the Secret Market and Escape at the same Time, Other Damsels (like the Captain) also makes an appearance as captives in the Cells.

Rewards: Kurui as Personal Captive.

Save the guildEdit

A mission where the guild gets invaded ( possibly by the pirates, another guild, or guards/soldiers that have found the location of the hideout ) and all of Suki's captives and trophy captives are taken away along with most or all of the guild. You have to get them out and rescue the guild master. The location of the guild could be given away by a guild member that's double crossed everybody or got paid to give them away, if it were to be somebody like Leroy it would be the 2nd playable character to become an antagonist.

An alternate version would be that Suki is taken as well as the guild and you escape from the inside and free the others to escape with you.

Rewards: A trophy captive, money, access to a new area/hideout to store more trophy captives and even other normal captives, the outfit Suki wears at the game over scenes when she's kept in a dungeon if she isn't forced to wear it upon being brought to the new area.

The mission could have a secret area in it after reaching 150 or 200 for a score, giving Suki the clothing mentioned before or giving the Backstab skill.

A rotten jobEdit

Suki is hired to capture different girls by a wealthy, but seemingly unsatifiable woman. Once Suki brings her about 5, she asks for more and refuses to pay, after capturing 5 more girls she is still very unhappy, you go out to capture the remaining girls and deliver them, once more the woman is still very displeased. Suki explains there aren't any more girls in the town to capture and the woman's response is something along the lines of "there's one more girl here" and either instantly starts a battle, or gives Suki the option to submit to her. If Suki submits it's either game over, or she's taken with the other girls to the woman's home, and locked away in a cell. There's chance for escape and to find the woman and capture her, also stealing her large sum of gold.

Rewards: The corrupt rich woman as a trophy captive, a large amount of captives and a large amount of gold.


After Suki kidnaps some of the girls who rescued her on the beach when the Pirate mission went bad, she has second thoughts upon getting her gold. Yes, she's a guild kidnapper now, but those girls helped her when they could have done anything. With a bit of sniffing, Suki finds the nabber lair where the girls are being held, and has to stage a sneaky rescue mission in a posh beach house to get them out.

Rewards: Small amount of gold found along the way and an item that one of the captives managed to pocket, such as a useful accessory.

Other notes: Maybe classify as bonus mission?

Party Infiltration (temporaly name given by Goodgamer14)Edit

I have an idea for a solo stealth mission. Suki could infiltrate a castle during a celebration with the objective of capturing someone close to Cherisa (Let's call her Lilliana for the heck of it). In order to get in, Suki could tie up and replace one of the dancers (thus gaining a harem outfit as a bonus) and join the celebration. Then, after a scene where Suki is dancing with the other harem girls, the scene could fast forward to that night. Suki would then have to sneak through the castle avoiding the guards until making her way to Lilliana's bed chambers. After sneaking in, a boss fight with Lilliana would ensue. After the fight Suki would then need to get out the way she came with her captive and there are no places where Suki can hide her. Suki could then talk Lilliana into giving up key info on Cherisa and the mission would end. After the mission, you could have Lilliana in the private cell and the bonus area could have something like a harem outfit and shackles for use in the private cell.

The Mayor of Madinah (Inspired by Sonny 2, written by TheMightierWolf)Edit

So the Desert's Tomb Raiders Guild could call The Guildmaster for assistance once more, this time to overthrow the Mayor, I.E. the same guy who will take Suki as a sex slave in a Game Over Scene in the dungeon, and gain control of Madinah. The mission would begin as an infiltration/assassination attempt turned bad. Suki can either submit or try and escape. Submitting would result in something similar to the Ghiaccio Village mission dungeon scene, and trying to escape would involve a difficult stealth sequence and/or a large number of male enemies. Being captured in the latter would automatically trigger the Ghiaccio Village-type scene.

After this, you retreat back to the Tomb Raiders' guild only to discover that the area has been captured by the Mayor's forces, who had discovered their location after all the archaeologists disappeared. Suki (and company, if brought) will then need to infiltrate the dungeon and rescue Kirya. If not captured during the first Haab Desert Mission, the same escape scene in the dungeon will occur.

Upon rescuing her, the duo/trio/quartet fight/sneak their way out of the dungeons and escape to a small camp outside of town, where the few remaining members of the Robbers' guild, including the Guildmaster, took refuge. Inside the Guildmaster's tent, the group discusses whether they should try and assassinate the Mayor stealthily or go for broke in an all-out assault. Suki ends up being the swing vote.

The frontal assault would mean having to go through about 3 battles against 6 Guards each. This will alert the Mayor, however, and he will be prepared to fight when you reach him.

A stealthy approach would result in the mission having a stealth requirement, slipping through all the guards in the hallways. The guards, ever-vigilant, will be difficult to avoid, but if done successfully, the Mayor will receive the Surprised debuff when you fight him.

A failure in either of these will result with Suki and company being thrown in the dungeon to be kept as slaves.

Upon knocking out/killing the Mayor (who is understandably tough,) the Robbers' Guild will have successfully overthrown the government in Madinah, with the Guildmaster replacing the Mayor. The Desert Guild will now control Madinah and reward you handsomely.

Rewards could include, but are not limited to: Kirya as a hire-able ally, accessible by going near the carriage and talking to her (and also as a personal captive in defeated in a practice battle) to pay her 25g to come along on a mission, a new weapon/armor, and maybe another thing.

Suki and Carol/Athena:Most Wanted (Bonus Mission)Edit

After an obsesive Noble gets a crush on Suki and Carol/Athena, he offers a wealthy bounty for her capture.

In this mission, Suki and her Companion have to escape a town filled with kidnappers after bein tricked by the Nobleman to come to the village for a job, after meeting the nobleman, the nobleman tries to kidnap Suki with his henchmen, if Suki loses the ambush battle, Suki and Companion will be held captives until they manage to untie themselves, however, if Suki win the Ambush battle, her Companion will be captured and Suki will have to rescue her, however, the mission`s main objetive is escape the Village after the battle with the Noble.

Confrontation with CherisaEdit

In a plot twist near the end of the game, it turns out that it wasn't Cherisa who betrayed you after all, but an enchantress who kidnapped her and has been charading as her all along.  Suki and friends must infiltrate the tower to find and rescue her.  Enemies encountered on the way are shapeshifters, who can turn themselves into copies of your party members, complete to copying their abilities.  Maybe as the mission progresses your party gets captured and spies take their place and you must figure them out lest you get captured yourself.  Boss levels include enchantresses taking the form of previous boss fights.  The above listed doppelganger mission could tie into this as well?

Rewards: Enchantress prisoners, enchantress leader as a trophy captive, maybe a new outfit like mage's robes.

Possible Final Mission (By Seras Tigris)Edit

In true RPG fashion, near the end of the game ones Cherisa is defeated, a "shocking" plot twist reveals she isn't the actual villain... the actual villain is some nameless eldritch horror which plans to destroy the world, with the betrayal of Suki either being a part of some grandiose scheme which is done by Cherisa to either serve this evil being, or as an even more shocking plot twist, a necessary evil to prevent its appearance.

With the entire world on the brink of destruction, Suki and her allies must unite to destroy this unstoppable fiend before it's too late. With a sudden turn in the story where it gets all serious, and a dramatic musical score, the final fight is against some typical asymmetrical RPG villain monstrosity, and with victory finally at hand, the world is at peace and the guild is able to thrive.

The final sequence is Suki in the private cell with the horrific monster thing, only it has a little rope around it, and a cloth tied over it's mouth or whatever it's equivalent is, and maybe a little Band-Aid on its head that it earned from it's recent defeat, because, you know... it turns out that this terrible evil fiend just happens to be female, and well, capturing women (even non-human ones) is what the guild does!

New Difficulties Edit

This is less a new mission idea and more an idea on how to alter the existing missions. As a kind of expert mode, perhaps unlocked after a successful playthrough, make all fights instantly lethal to the party. This would make all the existing missions more interesting, especially since many can be relatively easily beaten by running around with the stealth of a herd of elephants, killing everyone in your path. I've found that trying to enforce this rule in the missions where it's applicable makes the game a bit more stressful in a good way.

This seems like a pretty modest change programming-wise, only requiring three changes to the current system. One: re-scripting the currently unavoidable fights to allow Suki to sneak up on her enemies and ambush them. Two: tweaking of the Ambush System so that bosses are a bit harder than pressing the spacebar twice. Three: instead of hostile NPCs initiating fights like normal, the screen dims and we watch the heroines' subdue animations before cutting back to the overworld, where the enemy gloats about his/her victory, and we continue as normal.

If this is easy enough to do, we could also add difficulties like the main game has, where the harder settings increase the NPCs' field of view and ground speed, while maybe restricting save points. Hard or expert mode could include a small area of detection behind male guard enemies, since they can hear Suki's steps or a struggling damsel behind them.

Overrun Kidnapping Guild Edit

A nearby guild hires Suki to recapture ransomed nobles who have escaped from their cells, stole weapons, and have overrun the guild, hoping to re-establish contact with their kingdom. Suki must sneak around and recapture them one by one, or she can choose to battle them all one by one. Once she captures them all, she receives 2500 gold as prize money and a Kerambit Knife.

Modern or WWII Style Army Edit

An army with magnificent technologies such as horseless carriages and mobile fortresses invades and occupies the world or kingdom that Suki dwells in. Because this army has a strict crackdown policy on crime such as kidnapping, the Guild decides to behead the army's leadership by abducting or incapacitating high level officers within the occupation force. Suki and her party have to evade military police and occupational personnel to evade capture by the military forces, which would imprison them as saboteurs or worse. Cherissa has been made a puppet queen by the army, and chafes under their rule. Suki's liberation of the kingdom by removing army leadership will be her first encounter with Cherissa (or something like that) after what happened to her.

Witch Organisation Edit

So, first, the plot of the mission.

The Guildmaster calls Suki to the outside area of the guild where many rows of witches are standing. Evelyn suddenly steps out of the crowd and greets Suki and tells her why they're there. The reason is that the school was taken over by the evil witch teacher (forgot her name) and all the students and teachers were thrown out of the academy and the evil witch escaped and kidnapped the headmistress. She then asks Suki if she can help to which she replies yes. The Guildmaster then gets Leroy to help you (and no one else) and sets you off to where people have reportedly seen a witch holding a weirdly shaped sack, the location being a mountain village (I'll leave the name to the devs). After going there Suki and Leroy ask for info but when people refuse to tell them anything unless for a high price they start kidnapping the women and interrogating them. After being told where the witch was last seen (next to a closed mine) all of the women are sent back to the guild. The two go down to the mine where ,once inside, they see a huge well lit area with four witches and the headmistress tied up and gagged in the middle of a pentogram. After Suki is spotted she goes down to the area and is also tied up while Leroy hides and waits. After some dialogue the evil witch from before reveals that she is the ringleader of an organisation (again, name up to the devs) which consists of five witches. After shaking off her gag, Suki asks who the fifth one is and is promptly regagged after asking but her question is answered nonetheless. As she answers a figure suddenly appears (this next bit is optional) and is revealed to be Evelyn who was a member if the circle all along. After a lot of dialogue Leroy steps in to save Suki but is easily defeated. As Leroy is about to be killed a shadow suddenly cuts Suki and the headmistress and is revealed to be the Guildmaster. All four then battle (the Guildmaster is OP) and win (hopefully). After three witches (four if Evelyn is not a member) are handed over to the government from the organisation the academy thanks them and says this sadly may be the last time they cross paths. Leroy again asks for girls from which he gets a firm no and the mission ends.

Now, the rewards.

You get gold maybe a new ability and 2 new trophy damsels (one if Evelyn is not evil) Evelyn and the Ringleader. And that's it. Thanks for reading. :)

Mission: Infiltret Female Army CampEdit

So suki needs information or the guild needs information so suki has two options she can take out the guards the old fashion way or she could steal the uniform of a high ranking officer. You can just go through the guards or you can knock them out and tie them up and gag them. If you bring back up you need to steal uniforms for your party the bigger the party the more uniforms you need, you can strip the guards for the uniforms the guards have to be captured or defeated in battle to take there uniforms. Now suki has to hide the guards she captured if the defeated guards are found your cover is blown and the guards you captured go free. To fix your cover you'd have to steal another officer uniform and the guards that where already striped and where freed have to fight in there undergarments. Now suki has to capture the second in command and ask her where is the information after she tells you where it is, in the general's tent she said you want be able to get in  suki gates a idea and it not a original idea. she looks at the commander and she is looking nervous what are you looking at suki says sorry for this (POW) knocks her out and steal her uniform. the commander wakes up and finds herself bound gagged and striped of her uniform she starts screaming through the gag suki gets back to work. suki has to go through the prison side of the camp to get to the general's tent going through the prison tent you find a female viking warrior bound gagged you remove the gag and ask how is she. (female viking) i am (if you like this name hildagard or hilda for short) i am viking i was traveling the roads be on my home lands when i was ambushed by this soldiers i was outnumbered so i was captured they think i am spy of how i don't know if you lat me go i will be in your debt. (If you wont there could be two options gag her again and came back for her later if your party is full or if you brought 3 party members you can bring her a long), you start to an tie her but you hear same thing a guard is coming  hide suki puts gag back on and hides. the guard had came to feed hilda the guard turns around hilda breaks free of the rope and chokes the guard to sleep. hilda has no armor so she takes the guards armor for the time she ties up the guard and gags her. Now suki and hilda plan their next move (hilda) I need to get my armor and sword from the general's tent (suki) We need to go there to (hilda) than lats go. You finally reached general and you fight a battle you win the battle you find a chest and find hildas armor and sword and the information. know you have to options you can take the general as a hostage and you tall the remaining guards to back of and let as live (if hilda is not with you suki has to say release hilda and she will came with you). or you take the generals uniform and impersonation her and put her in the chest suki will tall the guards that she is living for the kingdom and she is taking the chest with you (and if hilda is not with you suki will say am taking the prisoner with me)

Now rewards: general to private prison cell, hilda party member, army uniforms for suki and hilda (if you wont the other party members to), 5,000 gold,

character: she's big toll bustie strong her sword is a two hand longsword for her armor mostly leather no need for helmet and her special move barsek slash she can be sneaky be cose of her armor she can take damage but not good at blocking but she can deal damage.

I hope you like the idea of this mission and it is very long so i think it has to be a story mission and i hope you like the idea of female viking as a party member. If you put my idea in to your game thank you and sorry for all the work you have to go through to making it. hope you like it as much as i love your game.

PS: Sorry if i took till open beta to do this and thanks