Mass Water is a damage battle skill, where the user summons water and directs it at an entire enemy group.

Availability Edit

It shows up as a battle skill once the Staff of Mikveh is equipped. Suki is currently (v1.6.4) the only character that can equip the Staff and thus have access to using the Mass Water skill.

Effect Edit

In battle, it consumes 300 SP and Suki attacks all opponents with water. The amount of water damage is dependent upon Suki's INT score. Naturally, it is not effective on any adversaries with a water resistance and/or element.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
Water Deals water damage on all enemies based on the user's INT. "Deals water damage on all enemies." Battle Enemy N/A Staff of Mikveh must be equipped. Entire Enemy Group Suki 300