Madinah Town is a town located in the Haab Desert. It is accessible after completing Mission 4.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

Layout Edit

A moderately large town with the majority of the buildings being residential, with the most notable being the large central one owned by Madinah's unseen mayor that doubles as the local prison, its lower floors serving as such.

To the west of the small town lies the vast Haab Desert, where most Kingdom survey teams go after stockpiling resources in Madinah.

The notorious Sandstorm Guild makes its headquarters below the settlement, far underground and with numerous access points, including the town's decrepit well, a secret door within the prison, and even one of the residential buildings.

Capturing Zone Edit

Madinah has three targets available for Capture and ransom in the Holding Cell:

  • A blonde archeologist, to the right of the southeasternmost building
  • A blue-haired archeologist, behind the northern house with the flowers and cactus
  • A redhead archeologist, behind the northwesternmost house

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed when asking about her history in the Lair, Carol grew up in Madinah with a deadbeat foster father, who even lost their house when he gambled with it, until she ran away and started living on the streets of Velis Town.