"As long as sweet Cherisa doesn't find out, we can do whatever we want."
―Lieutenant Rielle
Lieutenant Rielle is Captain Marcia's second-in-command. Corrupt and pragmatic, she's only concerned with her own promotion.

Story Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

Rielle is an unnamed and very minor character known only as the Ranger. She is featured only as an optional mini-boss if you choose to directly attack the camp.

Version 1.8 Edit

In this version Rielle is given much more importance, being mentioned by several characters before appearing during the attack on the military base. Despite being defeated, she manages to escape during their confrontation with Marcia and subsequently takes over as acting-captain of the garrison agreeing to turn a blind eye to Claude's business in return for a cut of the profits.

She later reappears during the final set of confrontations in the fortress in the Dark Hills, battling the party alongside Rolina. She sarcastically thanks the party for their help in her promotion to Captain, but asserts that she can make Major on her own. After she's defeated, she is locked away in a side room with Rolina.

After Krystina's defeat, she's bound, gagged and locked alongside Elda, Krystina and Rolina in a imperial prison.

Personality Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

She has almost no personality but does seem somewhat violent attacking Suki for coming to close to the garrison's camp and appears to have some pride as a soldier telling Suki they would show her "the might of Cherisa's army".

Version 1.7 Edit

Unlike her captain, Marcia, Rielle is corrupt and more than willing to consort with criminals. Though naturally contemptuous of Marcia's by-the-book attitude, Rielle follows Marcia's orders faithfully, noting that whatever her personal opinion of them, she is still a soldier. She does however note that that only matters as long as Marcia is in charge, and after Marcia's defeat, she gladly accepts a cut of Claude's profits as payment to ignore his business.

She has a particular distaste for Athena; if the party loses to Rolina and Rielle in the Dark Hills, Rielle will take Athena as a personal captive.