"This kingdom could be the greatest in all the world, but I'm the only one with the vision to see it."
―Lady Krystina

Lady Krystina is Cherisa's mother and a self-proclaimed visionary who has plans for her daughter.

Story Edit

Not much is known about Krystina outside of being told that she disapproves of Suki taking the crown since her daughter Cherisa was heir presumptive of the kingdom before Suki's adoption.

Sometime before Suki's coronation, she and the aristocracy conspired to have Suki killed and have Cherisa be crowned instead. It's unknown if Cherisa was at least aware of the conspiracy or was an unwilling part of it from the beginning but she had Suki taken prisoner by an infamous Kidnapping Guild and faked her death to keep her alive.

After Cherisa's coronation, Krystina used her daughter's position to prepare the Kingdom's army for an invasion of the neighboring Empire west of the Kingdom.

It's implied that Krystina had suspected of Suki's survival, probably leading to Rolina being assigned to keep an eye on Cherisa and force her to do her mother's bidding as Rolina admits to Suki that she had suspected that she was still alive.

After Cherisa reveals to Suki about her mother's plans in Florian, Krystina has Cherisa tortured by Rolina in the Dark Hills.

After Suki and her party rescue Cherisa, they come face-to-face with Krystina, who admits of being the lead conspirators of Suki's "death", Cherisa's coronation and her disdain for Suki and attacks. She's eventually defeated and taken to a high-security prison bound and gagged.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It's never stated if Krystina was directly related to the Oromalis royal family or if she was related politically through marriage.
  • Her husband/Cherisa's father is never talked about or mentioned in the game.
  • It's implied that she was part of a larger conspiracy to get rid of Suki and put Cherisa in the throne. However, her fellow conspirators are never shown and their fates are left unrevealed.