This page lists known bugs for the current version of the game.


  • Often the enemy's HP will not appear to go down, still showing the maximum after they've been damaged. This is only a display error, however, as they will still be weakened once damaged the proper amount, even if the number shows their HP is still full.
  • Certain ability using enemies, such as the Mermaid, often will not attack at all once they run out of SP, instead just passing their turns.
  • In mission 6, if Kurui is captured while infiltrating the pirate ship (with Suki or other allies still freed), getting in fights with the other pirates will lead to an automatic victory, where no enemy is displayed in the combat window, the battle ends, 0 experience is earned and the pirate will end up tied up on the map (not sure this always happens).
  • Groups of enemies give the same amount of experience points as single ones.


  • In the dream sequence, if you get the ropes and capture some of the maze runners, you are able to walk on top of them in their 'cell' while the rope is still active. If it wears off while on top of them, however, you will be frozen in place and unable to do anything, and forced to close out the game.

General Minor IssuesEdit

  • When starting a new game the save defaults to slot 3 rather than 1.
  • After finishing mission 1, on the page listing the mission stats it will say 4 battles fought even if undetected by the guards. It should be only 1.
  • In the Robber house in the forest, if you wake up the sleeping guard, then enter a square with only one exit (such as beside the chest) he falls unconscious again, in front of you, preventing you from moving.