Haab Desert is a large desert area, located across a river tangent to the Great Sea, south-southeast of the Lair. It is accessible after the completion of Mission 4.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

  • Genie (before Genie in the Bottle)
  • Megumi (before Poor Megumi)

Layout Edit

A large expanse of sand, rocks, and more sand, the Haab Desert is roughly the largest area to explore, followed closely by Florian Town.

Among the notable landmarks here, there are very few, the most notable of which are a ritual site that houses a powerful spirit waiting for someone, an oasis where prospective treasure-hunters can rest up, a bandit camp where they stash pilfered lives from the dry desert environment, and a hidden cove for pirates to dock their boats.


According to its historians, the Haab Desert was once a lush rainforest but has been suffering from drought for a long time. Refusing to give up the hope that the region would one day become flush with flora and greenery again, its people have continued living there, despite the sweltering heat and the dangers lurking within the endless sands.

Trivia Edit

  • This area and Huston Village are the only two locations, as of v1.6.4, to feature a day-night cycle.
  • This is the first area to feature enemies actively searching out the player outside of Missions and/or Events.