Greater Masochist is a passively active skill, where the user lets their pent-up emotions boil over into restorative pleasure when they are tied up.

Availability Edit

This is a skill that is usable by Carol only, to date. It replaces her starting skill, Masochist. It can be acquired for her by performing the "Slap" action in the Private Cell repeatedly, after defeating her in a practice battle.

Effect Edit

As is to further emphasize the user's nature of pleasure over pain, this skill increases the bonus provided by the Masochist skill, doubling the amount of HP recovered when Captured.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds




Target User(s) SP
Hearticon Heals the user twice as much so long as they remain Captured Turns Masochist into Greater Masochist with twice the healing power. Battle Captured N/A N/A User Carol 0