Ghiaccio Village is a town located in a snowy region of the Kingdom, northeast of the Lair. It is accessible after completing Mission 5.

Missions and Events Edit

Layout Edit

The outer edge of the town limits comes in the form of a makeshift outpost created by the Royal Army's garrison, with the short path beyond that leading to an area composed almost entirely of the manor owned by a wealthy merchant, Claude, with a dirt path north leading to the site of the Army's stronghold.

Walking east from there, one will enter the town proper, separated by a small stream. Most of the structures here are residential, notably the Kyle Manor. The other noteworthy place is the local inn, where it is said foul creatures of the night lurk, waiting to steal a person's dreams.

Capturing Zone Edit

Ghiaccio has four possible targets for Capture and ransom in the Holding Cell:

  • A brunette with pigtails, to the left of the building with the bulletin board
  • A red-head, in the town square
  • A blonde, in the town square
  • A woman, in white above the inn