Freedom Desire is a passively affecting skill, where the user becomes temporarily immune to being tied up after they've escaped their bindings.

Availability Edit

This is a passive skill usable by Suki only, to date. It can be acquired for her by performing the "Tickle" action in the Private Cell repeatedly, either when doing self-bondage, or losing a practice battle with Carol.

Effect Edit

When Suki has learned this skill, whenever she is captured in the middle of a battle, if she frees herself or is Rescued, it will confer the Feisty status effect, which renders her immune to being Captured again, but only temporarily.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target User(s) SP
Uparrow Prevents the user from being Captured for n turns Makes you temporarily immune to being tied up after escaping ropes. Battle Captured Feisty N/A User Suki 0