Escape Adrenaline is a passively active skill, where the user channels their frustration at being tied up into increased efforts to escape said being tied up.

Availability Edit

This is a passive skill usable only by Athena, to date. It can be acquired for her by performing the talk options "Insult" and/or "Threaten" in the Private Cell repeatedly, after defeating her in a practice battle.

Effect Edit

When the user is Captured during a battle, the indignity of being bound and gagged enrages them to no end, and gives them an increased chance to free themselves when Struggling, albeit only a 5% increase.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds




Target User(s) SP
Uparrow Slightly increases the likelihood you'll get free during Struggling Gives a 5% additional chance of escaping ropes when struggling during battle. Battle Captured N/A N/A User Athena 0