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Didnapper Trailer -Full Public Release-

Didnapper Trailer -Full Public Release-

Didnapper is an RPG Maker XP game originally started by Wychkith for the ADIDAS Message Board.

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1 7 coming soon by animluster-d82t4bf

The V.1.7 Teaser (Image by Animluster).

Game Download Female Enemies Cheats Missions
Areas Items Game Overs Skills (1.8)
Capturing Zones Main Characters Game Story Changelog
Walkthrough (v1.7/1.8) Developers Male Enemies (v1.6)


Surprise v1.8.2 update!

A small update that fixes some of the major issues with the Android version and adds a bit of new stuff is now available from the download page! For more details on what's new in the update, you can see this post on the Didnapper Deviantart group!

Public Demo of Bonds is out.

[27.11.2017] DID Games with Kendrian and Tsukemen who worked on Didnapper have just released a free public demo of their upcoming game Bonds. You can check it out over on the Didnapper Deviantart group.

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