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Game Description

Didnapper was an RPG Maker game by Wychkith for the ADIDAS Message Board.


Didnapper Trailer -Full Public Release-

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v1.7 teaser image.

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v1.8.2 update

An update that fixes some of the major issues with the Android version and adds a bit of new stuff is now available from the download page! For more details on what's new in the update you can see this post on Deviantart!

Bonds Demo

[27.11.2017] DID Games with Kendrian and Tsukemen who worked on Didnapper released a free demo of upcoming game Bonds. You can check it out on the Didnapper Deviantart group.

Sequels / Spinoffs

There have been multiple productions with the same central theme from DID Games as well as spinoffs titled Everquest: Natamin's Big Adventure and A Drow's Life that have nearly been completed in production. Also, the producers of Didnapper and Bonds have announced a sequel titled Didnapper 2.

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