The Dark Hills are a mysterious location on the western border of the Kingdom. It is only accessible during Mission 10.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

  • Krystina (during Mission 10)
  • Rolina (during Mission 10)
  • Cherisa (during Mission 10)
  • Evangelynne (during Mission 10)
  • Rielle (during Mission 10)
  • Ayano (before and during Mission 10)
  • Rynn Dallas (during Mission 10)

Layout Edit

While the geography of the Dark Hills is never explained, from what can be inferred based on both the name and the surroundings, it can be assumed that the "Dark Hills" themselves may be an inactive volcano.

The only signs of life that exist in the region are, thus far, shown to be a small inhabited village called Helte, and an ancient, abandoned fortress that the Kingdom's troops were occupying by the time Suki and co. arrived to confront Krystina. The villagers claim that the stone fort itself was there long before the Kingdom came to the area, suggesting that some other power, likely the ancient Empire, had dwelled in the area.

Because the Dark Hills serves as the natural border between the Kingdom and their closest neighbor, the unnamed Empire, it often serves as either a wartime staging ground or a site for diplomatic meetings, whichever works best in the situation.