Cherisa's Army are the antagonists of the Ghiaccio Mission, they are led by Captain Marcia.


It is unknown when the army was formed (probably shortly after Suki's disappearance) but they are seen to recruit only females into their ranks, mostly veterans from the army, mercenaries and army rejects. They serve as a special detachment of the army under the command of Captain Marcia.


Originally debuted on the Nap the Kids mission (removed after v1.5) they reappeared on the Ghiaccio Village Mission where they took control of the Ghiaccio Village to secure Cherisa's influence in the region, Suki was hired by a powerful merchant to restrain (kidnap) their leader Marcia.

Nap the Kids (Non-Canon)Edit

During the Non-Canon Nap the Kids mission, the army is seen to be protecting a village in a very autoritarian matter during a festival, Suki, tasked to kidnap 9 kids, is ambushed by Marcia, her unnamed companion and some troops, however, with the help of KO bomb, all the troops are left unconcious to be tied up by Leroy and Suki captures Marcia, after the mission, the Guild sells the troops and the kids to slavery.

Mission 5Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

During the Ghiaccio Mission, the army had taken control of northen village called Ghiaccio, after locking down the village, they began controlling everything that was entering or exiting the village with fierce authority. with time, they began fighting against Mercenaries hired by a powerful businessman those business were heavily affected by the army's takeover, as their battle with the mercenaries went on, the Mercenaries, out of money and supplies, sold some members to the army which included Athena, not trusting Athena. Marcia, Captain of the army, ordered a noble familly to kidnap her and lock her up until the occupation ended, After Suki arrived as a part of a Guild Contract, she was stopped by the army on a checkpoint, Suki unable to fight them was captured, after escaping and capturing the guards, she interrogated them and learned about Cherisa's motives.

After rescuing Athena, Suki and Athena (and Carol if taken to the mission) manages to defeat Marcia and her soldiers on Ghiaccio, the rest of her soldiers surrender and are taken captive and Marcia is taken as a prisoner for the Guild, its unknown if the army is still operating after the mission.

Version 1.8 Edit

Needs Info.


  • Cherisa (Founder)
  • Marcia (Battle Captain)
  • Royal Fighters (Common Enemies)
  • Riele (Lieutenant)


  • There are some unused army enemies found on the Damsel Book who can only be unlocked via cheatcode.
  • Some of the unused enemies from the army are found on the Slaver's Camp tied to the poles to be bought as slaves.