Charm is a tactical battle skill where the user attempts to seduce the enemy into halting their offensive on the party temporarily.

Availability Edit

Carol already knows the Charm skill when she first joins your party as a playable character, but it can also be purchased for Suki in a skill shop. It is not available for use by Athena, nor used by any Enemies as of v1.6.4.

Effect Edit

In battle, the user will attempt to Charm a target opponent at a cost of 0 SP. If successful, enemies will attack other foes or themselves, avoiding taking any other actions. It will last at least the turn it succeeds if the target enemy has not yet acted in that round, but it can also last 2 or 3 turns before wearing off. It can be used again on a charmed foe but it does not stack. It works on Males but also can work on certain Females. There are also foes that Charm will have no effect on.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
Hearticon Causes enemies to attack other foes and avoid target. "Weakens an opponent through charming. Works on males and some females." Battle Enemy Charmed N/A One enemy Suki



Charmable Females Edit

Charmable Males Edit