Carol's v1.6 graphic.

This article references an older version of the game. For the most recent version, see Carol (1.8).

Carol is Suki's first female companion. You first meet her in Castle Manor where she and Suki team up upon meeting due to her desire to get some valuables out of the castle and the excitement to tie girls and being tied up.

She can be a Personal Captive in V.1.6.1 onwards.

Class Thief Carol-0 Lv 3
Skills Subdue
Knock Out
Poison Edge
Claw Attack
Mob Rush
"My name is Carol, and I'd like to pay you back somehow! Is there anything I can do for you?"
―Carol - Castle Velis


She grew up in Madinah with her abusive foster father until he lost their home on a bet and she ran away, eventually reaching Velis Town and started stealing in order to survive until she met Suki in Velis Manor.


Carol is a young thief, first encountered in the dungeons of Castle Velis.

She was snooping around in the library until she was caught by Nataleigh, who accused her for stealing Cherisa's necklace. In a timely arrival, Suki saved her from the royal maid and some dungeon guards. Carol is very thankful to Suki for saving her from a life in the dungeon, and offers to help her out with whatever she is doing. However, If Carol is still tied after the battle with the maid, Suki can choose either let her join or take her as a prisoner.

After a successful mission, Carol (either as a recruit or a captive) is brought back to the Lair with Suki. After a minor debate, The Guildmaster later assigns Carol to help Suki out on her next mission, involving fighting and kidnapping to prove her worth to Suki and the guild.

After the third mission, the Player (Suki) is allowed to bring Carol to the fourth and fifth missions as a companion, but she hardly affects the missions in any way.


Carol's most notable quality in combat is her speed. She is almost guaranteed to attack first in combat, making her a good support character to heal weakened party members before they can be subdued. Both her attack and defense are low compared to the other two primary characters.


Carol is a very optimistic and lighthearted person, who loves fighting and bondage.

It also seems that she isn't shy of expressing herself while in bondage. If she gets tied up in battle with at least one character to fight, she regains HP every turn with her "Masochist" ability.

If the player defeats Carol in a practice fight, leaves her alone or takes her to the Trophy Hall, releases her and then asks about her thoughts on the guild, she will openly admit to Suki that she doesn't REALLY mind being tied up for a little longer. Furthermore, if the player defeats Carol in a practice fight, takes her to the Private Cell and starts hitting her while she is not gagged, she responds rather positively telling the player to not stop hitting her. These traits reveal she is a masochist. She also has a lack of pacience and often resorts to threats when she doesn't get her way.

She also likes to play around with a tied up Suki in the Private Cell, as she jokingly wants to "pay back" what Suki did to her while she was tied up. Although, it seems that she may have an affection for Suki.


  • In v1.5, in the Castle Velis mission, after Suki saves her from some Castle Guards, the player is given the choice to let her join or take her as a prisoner. If the player takes her as a prisoner, she becomes a simple captive which Suki can sell for 50 gold (due to her being a vagrant orphan). In v1.6 however, she becomes a part of the game whether she is rescued or taken captive.
  • She is nineteen years old according to the FAQ.
  • If taken into the Private Cell, her personality, pose, and facial expressions are the most unique. She will begin crying if you insult or threaten her too much, is open to tickling, and appears to be perfectly fine with having her outfit changed.
  • She and Suki appear in the massive crossover RPG Rakenzarn Tales (for RPG Maker XP) as guest characters in one of the game's guild quests. Depending on the player's choices, Carol and Suki can be allies or adversaries.