Capturing Zones are special areas in the major locations of the Kingdom where you can battle and capture roaming girls to put in the Holding Cell, where they are then ransomed for Gold.

Girls captured in these areas will respawn only after they are set free or sold for ransom.

Capturing ZonesEdit

Lost Forest damselsEdit

  • Foxgirl (pre-1.7)
  • Martial Artist (pre-1.7)
  • Blue Mage (pre-1.7)
  • Red Mage (pre-1.7)
  • Archer (named Ranger in v1.7 and later)
  • Catgirl
  • Dryad

Ghiaccio Village damselsEdit

  • Villager (x4)
  • Burglar (optional event)

Madinah Town damselsEdit

  • Archeologist (x3)
  • Burglar (optional event)

Armark Town damsels Edit

  • Brunette Beachgirl
  • Blonde Beachgirl
  • Redhead Beachgirl