Captured is a state that affects female party members and enemies except for the Genie. This state takes effect whenever a female party member or adversary is subdued and therefore tied up.

While in the captured state, the target cannot make any normal actions such as attacking or using items or skills, and is ignored by the opposition, save for any actions that were already selected during the round that the state takes effect. The affected character is turned over to an automatic control, and has one ability which triggers every other round until the status is removed or the battle is over:

Skill Type Description Effect Restriction Occasion
Struggle Damsel Skill "Struggles to get out of the ropes." Battle Animation and sound effect. Small chance of getting loose. Female When tied up.

Note that another party member can free a captured party member with the Rescue skill, and non-captured/knocked out foes can also use such on their allies, which restores the character to the state they were at before captured. Note that members of the enemy party can be affected by the Secure Ropes skill only while in the captured state.

The only character that does not automatically use Struggle while in a captured state is Carol, whom instead has the following automatic ability that triggers every other melee round:

Skill Type Description Effect Restriction Occasion
Masochist Damsel Skill "Enjoys being tied up." Battle Animation and sound effect. Increases HP each turn. Female When tied up.

Therefore, Carol is the only character that cannot free herself in battle on her own in any way if she is captured.

Captured state is automatically removed if the battle is won successfully, although if the capture was due to Weakened status, that party member will remain as such until HP is recovered. Captured state is not automatically removed during stealth missions if party was discovered and fights consecutive battles without enemies calming down first.

If, during free roam, battle is won with Suki still in Captured state, she will be tied up and gagged while walking until next battle, or till she goes to sleep, or travels to another city and back. It is unknown if this is a bug or intentional.