• Enkoujin12

    Just as the title says, with 3 captives on the Private Cells, the noses... "disappear" when i change their costumes, or add a blindfold.

    I saw this with Hektala's Hula Girl outifit, Alexie and Esther when i add a blindfold.

    I'll add in Hektala's example here:

    Can you fix this, Dev Team?

    (I'm a lame page editor, sorry guys.)

    Btw, i LOVE the game, its awesome! :D

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  • Jcullinane

    No longer active

    December 16, 2017 by Jcullinane

    I am no longer associated with the DiDnapper game nor any sort of assistance and/or information.  Anybody that would like additional information on this change may ask, but will be handled only in private messaging.  Thank you.

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  • Gamer12234

    rielle & cherisa & hyranda & evangelynne & elda & rolina & captain dariana & ayano & rynn dallas & layla will be imprisoned as a Trophy Hall damsel (Please)

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  • Pr0babl3cause

    Blindfold Mod?

    August 30, 2017 by Pr0babl3cause

    Was searching google to see if mods had been made for didnapper I found a website called "tieba baidu" where they showed off snapshots of a blindfold mod that adds blindfolds and other scenarios to the escape game and apparently made the game harder. Anyone know anything about the mod or how to get it? The entire website is in what looks to be chinese so I wasn't able to get much from it. Here's the link to the site for anyone curious.

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  • DemStyle

    Update protocol?

    August 10, 2017 by DemStyle

    I've noticed from reading this wiki that a lot of articles refer to both the 1.6x and 1.7/1.8 versions of the game. Is information on 1.6x something you wish to be preserved as the wiki is updated, or am I clear to base / rewrite articles on 1.8?

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  • Criticalcritic100

    hello guys .version 1.8 released 2 weeks ago and and their features,walkthrough and information not added yet to blog please help to update blog

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  • ArenaSnow

    Hello folks. If you just frequent the wiki and don't come on the discord (you should, by the way) there's a few things to know, as the news section here hasn't been updated for a while. This information comes from the game's discord, including various game developers, contributors and Kendrian himself. I am from neither of the groups I mentioned, simply a fellow who asked a few questions and happens to be both here and on discord

    Here is the future for Didnapper:

    • Latest blog update: There will be two more versions; a big version for early February, and a final version with everything not included in this next version.
    • Update from Star: The game will be finished before summer.
    • Mission suggestions are moot, as the storyline for the rest of the g…
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  • ChopinsCat

    Private Cell Menu Bug?

    December 3, 2016 by ChopinsCat

    I can't seem to get suki in the Maid outfit during the Carol and Suki private cell self bondage thing. I tried changing the outfits but it won't select. Even if I change it from the screen under "outfits" it will show me Maid as an option but won't change anything

    Do I need to complete the 6th mission or something?

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  • Elecissa

    Maybe graphic bug

    November 22, 2016 by Elecissa

    I dont know, but i found something strange in v1.7 demo 3.1.

    Look at the Suki in normal outfit and in Maid outfit.

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  • Risdaz


    April 22, 2016 by Risdaz

    could some one tell me how to play didnapper in full-screen...because the small screen make the sight not too good...

    thanks a lot..

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  • GoodGamer14

    I downloaded the second demo a week ago but due to sheer amount of dialogue/text i haven't replayed the second, third and fourth mission to experiment and find new gameover scenes.

    Do you guys had seen if theres new Gameover scenes.

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  • Scamper195

    hi everyone 

    i want to create an kidnapping rpg game but i cant create one.

    i have the rpg maker xp software and i know basic knowledge about this.

    but i dont know how to create an did game.

    so please someone help me...

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  • GoodGamer14

    I been i DID fan since i was 12 and so i been collecting DID stuff such as images and videos of bondage and stuff of DID nature.

    Since 2014 i kept my DID files on my Dad's mini laptop and everything went well until my older brother used the laptop to watch movies since his died a few weeks ago.

    Everytime he uses a computer, he has to make a Disc Drive checkout for the smallest annoyances he get with it and unfortunately he saw my files (who i cleverly hid, knowing that he would use the laptop) and found and deleted them, he deleted eight GBs of DID content that took me two years to have.

    The worst part of all is that he is an hypocrite as he has pornographic games since 15 and still im the sick one for having DID stuff?

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  • NothingFromNowhereNope

    So we are at mission 6. Untill now there are some hole plots. In order for Cherissa to come into power she can't just make the princess vanish. In order for her to gain the  trust  of the royal guard and power of the royal family she must be member of an organisation that manipulated things from the start. What i suggest is that Cherissa is one of the prominent members of an organisation named Red Shield. This organisation uses its tricks in order to subvert and control the populace. Reason they do that ? They want to conquer people of other nations and have them and their families in indebted servitude ( this achieved by scams to accumulate more land , control on taxation, control on production, destruction of ethics and culture, and all …

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  • GoodGamer14

    The DIDnapper deviant art group has announced the OC (Original character) contest for fans to summit their own character for DIDnapper, the winner OC will be added into the game in some way or even in her own sidemission if is extremely well recieved by the developers (if the developers like the OC a lot).

    For more information, follow the link to read the rules and how to participate.

    Go to Deviant Art

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  • NothingFromNowhereNope

    Hello i am NothingFromNowhereNope or NFNN for short. I am a software engineering student. This project has captivated me i must say. The people working here have and are still doing a pretty good job and as i mentioned on most of my posts this is no slackjob and i have respect for people here. I think everything is looking up fine to the project. Now to the juicy part.

    How can i contribute ?

    I am no artist , hell i am terrible with drawing although i tried to adapt it as a hobby it just doesn't work out for me pretty well. I can write code if you need. Also i can do story development , charachter development , and i have some ideas for some new minigames that could fit the game.

    Good luck with the project and if you ever need my help and i ca…

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  • LukePrower


    December 27, 2015 by LukePrower

    Good day, members of the Didnapper Wiki! I'm a bit new here, but I found this game very intriguing and stumbled across this Wiki for it. I recently was told that the developers need assistance with the game. I'm not sure if it's true, but if it is, I would be happy to help out. If any developers see this, I'd like to speak with you about it somewhere if help is required.

    Thank you, that is all.

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  • GoodGamer14

    I doing this post because i see you guys kind of -well, desesperated to know more about the new Beta release so i asking you this question to relieve us of some stress.

    How it would be your Dream DID scene in an anime, live-action movie or videogame? is there a gag? is tape or cloth? the person tied to a chair or sit on the ground? is blindfolded? is there more than one captive? etc.

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  • Jacob175

    If you need some more DIDNapper to tide you over until the full version releases, the girls did make a return in Rakenzarn Tales.

    First, you may want to watch this to get an idea of how things have changed with them for the new version, as well as what happens if you decide to help them during their quest.

    So now, this is what happens the second time you meet them.

    And yes, they do hang out at your house if they join up.

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  • GoodGamer14

    The Question of this week is: What do you like more?, girls in Skimpy outfits (Ivy Valentine, Mai Shiranui, Tifa) or Skin-tight catsuits? (Zero Suit Samus, Taki, Bayonetta)

    In my opinion, i prefer Skin-tight catsuits over skimpy outfits anytime.

    Also, if theres a anime or videogame female character you wish to see wearing a skimpy outfit or a skin-tight catsuit, who it would be?

    I would like to see Haman Karn from Zeta & ZZ Gundam wearing a pink latex catsuit and Chun-Li wearing a Blue latex one.

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  • Jacob175

    I changed the music around quite a bit for my playthrough for Version 1.7, so I figured it'd be good to make a new blog for those who want to know what all they are. As always, feel free to leave suggestions for tunes for possible characters/locations/events.

    • Tutorial: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time - Tutorial
    • Mission Clear: Sonic & the Black Knight - Level Up
    • Hideout: Skies of Arcadia - Uninhabited Island
    • Village: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Skyloft
    • Castle: Super Mario RPG - Margarie Margarita
    • Tower: Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Voile, the Magic Library
    • Desert: Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Scuttle Town
    • Snow: Paper Mario - Shiver City
    • Cave: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Underground / Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Caves
    • Fortress: Blade Kitten…

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  • GoodGamer14

    What are the names you give to Suki after she becomes a kidnapper?

    The names i usually use are:

    • Krystal
    • Yona
    • Daisy
    • Princess
    • Paula (because of the Paula Peril comic series) 
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  • GoodGamer14

    Lets do not edit any of the characters' articles until the new beta releases as Kendrian (and everyone elses that works in the game) could change some things from the Demo/CB v1.7.0.

    Also, to avoid people adding speculation to the articles and other things of the same nature.

    Also, what are your thoughts on the Demo and what you wish was added?

    In my opinion, i wish they re-add the choice to take Carol as a captive in some way during the Castle Velis mission.

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  • GoodGamer14

    Whoa, Just Whoa, this is an total overhaul of what we have see before, the incursion of character mugshots and conversations really makes the game more story-oriented.

    Now the Review.

    The Style of animation has changed but i cannot say for the better or worse since that will be sujective to the player and its tastes.

    Overall the female characters look way younger that they have been in older betas, to my experience, the characters's designs reminds me of the "Lolicon" animation style where the female characters look younger/small and very cute.

    About designs. Suki's new design design makes her look like a 14 -16 years old girl now but fits her new personality (see Story) and Carol looks more like a 12 - 14 years old girl now (she is almost fla…

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  • GoodGamer14

    One is not an DiD fan if one doesnt have a favorite bound and gagged scene in Anime.

    What is your favorite bound and gagged scene in Anime?

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  • GoodGamer14

    You know what i hate? to see a anime series with a sexy female character and never see it tied up and gagged.

    So i asking you: what female anime characters you wish to see getting bound and gagged?

    Note: female character that were bound and gagged even for a few seconds doesnt count, however, if they were only gagged or just tied/retained will count.

    My List:

    • Rangiku Matsumoto (BLEACH)
    • Tsunade (Naruto)
    • Miu Furinji (Kenichi: The Strongest Disciple)
    • Haman Karn (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam & ZZ Gundam)
    • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
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  • Jcullinane

    Kendrian has listed a possibility for MAC users to be able to play DiDnapper natively without the installation of Windows or dual boot, etc on MAC OS X, and it's called RPGHub.

    Thus far I haven't been able to get it to work, as DIDnapper closes out immediately once you follow the directions.  In fact, it's the same result when using Wine/WineBottler for MAC OS X, which is something that I had tinkered with originally.  Since I own a PC Laptop, I use that to play but it would be nice to be able to use the OS that I always have.

    If any users out there have ways to get existing methods operational, or something new, it would be appreciated.  I will continue on my end but I have not had success thus far.

    jcullinane 01/17/15

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  • Jcullinane

    Why this game?

    January 13, 2015 by Jcullinane

    I just wanted to point out what keeps me motivated to spend time on DiDnapper.

    I think I actually played a much earlier version some time ago, thinking "oh this looks interesting", but seeing how I did have a PC at the time and I could only get it to work w/o sound on another platform, I let it go.

    Then last year I just bumped into it again.  I think it was the escape mechanic that caught my eye, being a DiD fan - either that or perhaps I was searching for other games besides your standard RoR that had struggling or escaping qualities.

    Gotta said I have to hand it to everybody that has had a hand in this (say that 5 times fast) to this point as I never would have thought you could get a lot of depth.  And I believe more on the way.

    So why I pl…

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  • GoodGamer14

    Happy New Year 2015!

    December 30, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    Happy New Year 2015 everyone!

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  • GoodGamer14

    Has been a month since the new Beta was announced and i been kind of bored of waiting, i dont want ask about the progress of the game since im the only one that ask about that, whatever, this is not the topic of this blog, the topic is about what do YOU expect from the next Beta?

    • More Girls to bound and gag?
    • Cherisa?
    • more Gameover scenes?
    • more Story?
    • more features in the Private Cell?
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  • GoodGamer14

    New Beta Announced!

    November 3, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    The New Beta was announced by Kendrian a few days ago on the Didnapper Group page on Deviant Art.

    More Info here:

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  • GoodGamer14

    Didnapper V1.7 teased

    October 15, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    The new Beta has been (i suppose) teased by Animluster with this Artwork.

    In the Image we can see some of the new designs the characters will have (however, he claims some of his designs will not be used on the game)

    We only need Kendrian to confirm its release.

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  • GoodGamer14

    After watching a lot Anime DID sites, i asked to myself: How it would be if Didnapper was an Anime series, i imagined that it would be full of DID Scenes and a lot of Fanservice (and very cool too)

    Even trough i cannot compare of how it would be since there are no DID-themed Animes (right now, maybe in the future) how would you imagine if Didnapper was an Anime series?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Nudity on DIDnapper

    August 19, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    UPDATE: This has been disconfirmed by the developer(s), sorry for the inconveniences.

    On Kendrian lastest livestream, he revealed that we can now remove the clothes of our captives at the private cell.

    I personally dislike this since i do not like pornography and i feel this to an little inapropiate for the game.

    What do you think?

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  • GoodGamer14

    When i use the "to be added" text on a heading, i expect somebody will add something or at least fill the heading in question since i been occupied with college, dont be shy, help expand the Wikia!

    • Athena
    • Gameovers
    • Captain Marcia
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  • SerasTigris

    Um... Hi!

    July 14, 2014 by SerasTigris

    Not sure what to say... just noticed this section was blank, and seemed like an easy badge (and yes, those are incredibly important!).

    Making a lot of adjustments to the Didnapper Wiki, and hopefully am fixing slightly more than I'm breaking... I guess that's it. :)

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  • GoodGamer14


    June 16, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    Updates soon?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Kendrian and the Didnapper Group are helding a FanArt contest with the prize involving winning real money (Credits)

    To see the Rules of the Contest,

    Go to

    The (new) deadline is May 18.

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  • GoodGamer14

    Everytime i play Didnapper i get new ideas for new gameover scenes & screens i though if everyone elses have their own too.

    i have plenty of ideas for game overs on the Desert Mission, the Pirate Mission and the Slaver camp, what you got?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Do anyone knows any new Game Over scene outside the Desert in Madinah Town and Jyoga Jungle?

    New Scenes or new Gameovers Screens outside of those two?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Finally the new Beta was release for testing, and i was not a párt of it!

    i really wanted to test the new beta, but i couldnt be able to use the computer for days, because of my family, when i discovered this, the slots where already taken (i was limited to only 20)

    hopelly they will release a new beta with the most of the bugs fixed.

    are you been able to test the new beta?

    let my know in the comments.

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  • GoodGamer14

    Spandex. in a girl is one of the sexiest things a man can imagine, it would be good to have a girl in Spandex in Didnapper, what do you thing.

    what do you prefer? a Female enemy on Spandex or a spandex costume for Suki & Companion.

    whats your opinion?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Where is the new Beta?

    January 8, 2014 by GoodGamer14

    Where is the new Beta?

    Who is gonna be the new unrevealed character?

    whats is the new mission about?

    Why Titanfall is only 6v6?

    Why there no new Star Fox Game?

    Why theres no new F-Zero Game?

    Whats makes Carol so sexy?

    Why Kurui is not a personal Captive?

    Why Star Wars the Clone Wars was cancelled?

    Why Young Justice was cancelled?

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  • GoodGamer14

    Happy Holidays

    December 25, 2013 by GoodGamer14

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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  • Jacob175

    Feel free to skip to about 21:00. That's the part I imagine you guys were most hoping to see.

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  • GoodGamer14

    There has been five days without activity, even with the release of the closed beta and still no one has edited/posted/added anything in the wikia.

    i have not added anything to the wikia theses days because in have been working on some personal projects lately.

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  • GoodGamer14

    this are the things we need to add to the wikia.

    • add the Burglar to Female Enemies.
    • fill the Party swap page.
    • add new trivia of the new features in v1.6.3 CB.
    • add the various local girls to Female Enemies.
    • create a page for the new escape system.
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  • TheMightierWolf

    Favorite Outfit

    October 14, 2013 by TheMightierWolf

    I am curious; what is everyone's favorite outfit on Suki?

    My personal favorite, of course, is her Princess outfit. I find it to be the most desirable of them all, as it gives her that demeanor of dominant and powerful, despite the fact that she can be as submissive as you want her to be! I find she also looks the most beautiful in it.

    And yes, I agree that the dress looks like a bathrobe. XD

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  • GoodGamer14

    how many things you think the developers are integrating into the new beta?

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  • TheLyingWabbit

    Seeing as we have some (inexplicable amount of) time before the next update, I figured I might as well ask who's your favorite character from the game. I'm kind of curious. Although, there have already been some who have mentioned it in the comments box of the other pages. But, heck, if you don't mind: Tell me who's your favorite character as of Didnapper 1.6.2. It could be anyone to simple enemies and damsels or characters who have played a major role in the story. Just as long as you can give a brief explanation. 

    For me my favorite character, if it isn't already obvious has got to be:

    Kirya, why? Well there's a lot of things I like about her. For example she's a rather mysterious character taking some time to actually see after being intr…

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