Bandit hideout

Hidden away, from the sight of most travelers, in the shadier part of the Forest Path is the Bandit cave. It is protected at the front entrance by two bandits in case a wanderer were to stumble upon the location. It seems that this place is a part of what the region's bandits use as a home. Inside this cave, sits a chest and sleeping bandit. It is also where the player can access the other half of the Bandit's hideout. There it is discovered that this second part is in fact the mysterious stone structure in the swamp near the slaver's camp. In this structure seems to be where the bandits store captives they take until they see fit to sell them to the slaver's camp.


  • The lack of mention of the bandit hideout near the slaver's camp suggests either ignorance or indifference on the part of the members of the camp.
  • The bandits for the most part are weak and thus rely on ambushing unsuspecting victims in groups. The player shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with the bandits unless already weakened from a previous battle.
  • Despite what seems to be indiscriminate attacks on travelers of the Forest path, especially women (including what could be potential clients to the slaver camp,) the slaver's camp doesn't seem to be against doing business with the Bandits.