During the game you can obtain new outfits/articles of clothing that have different defensive properties than your old ones, and offer different game sprites for Suki.

Armor Icon Attributes Guard Description Equip Comment
Guild Outfit Guildoutfit PDEF: 20
MDEF: 15
DEX: 4
AGI: 4
vs. Male "Suki's standard guild outfit." Suki Received from Leroy after sleeping in the Lair for the first time during the prologue.
Maid Outfit Maidoutfit PDEF: 20
MDEF: 20
vs. Male
SP damage
"A maid outfit. Protects against Rallied and Asleep." Suki Received from the butler in the Ghiaccio Village mission.
Bikini Bikini-0 PDEF: 10
MDEF: 15
EVA: 2
DEX: 10
AGI: 30
INT: -5
vs. Male "A sexy two piece bikini. Ups AGI and DEX." Suki Received during the Pirate Bay mission, either from the two beach girls on the left after Suki is untied by them (if losing the battle against the pirates) or from the lighthouse (if winning).
Bunnygirl Suit MageRobe PDEF: 10
DEX: 15
EVA: 10
AGI: 5
vs. Male "A bunnygirl suit. Lets the wearer evade physical attacks more easily." Suki Win a game of Mastermind in the casino in Florian Town, then defeat the bunnygirl in battle afterwards.
Wedding Dress Weddingdress PDEF: 15
MDEF: 25
EVA: -4
STR: -2
DEX: -7
AGI: -9
INT: 8
vs. Male
"A wedding dress. Reduces Light and Darkness damage by 50%." Suki Taken from the Bride as a disguise once you defeat her in the Wedding Crasher bonus mission. It is kept even after the mission is completed.
Princess Outfit Princessoutfit PDEF: 18
MDEF: 25
EVA: -2
DEX: -1
AGI: -5
INT: 5
vs. Male
SP damage
"A nice dress. Reduces SP damage by 50%." Suki Found in a chest near the end of the Florian Town mission.
Common Vest Commonvest PDEF: 15
MDEF: 12
"A quite common vest." Carol
Carol's default clothing. Unconfirmed but can be assumed to be Leroy's as well based on his battle art.
Mercenary Plate Armor Darkplatearmor PDEF: 25
"Body armor for front & middle position classes." Athena Athena's default clothing.
Magic Robe MageRobe PDEF: 15
MDEF: 20
"Robe for rear position classes." Evelyn Evelyn's default clothing.